Rescuing Children and Serving Families in Abortion-Riddled Communities Nationwide

The Family Life Campaign is a national initiative of the Church of God in Christ supported by Human Coalition. Together we are making a difference every day.

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Human Coalition Prayer App

The Human Coalition Prayer App underscores the importance of prayer in the battle to end abortion, while involving the Church of God in Christ community in such a way that can keep us actively engaged in rescuing preborn children and families from abortion.

This innovative app engages committed and praying people in our congregations the fight to end abortion. Through this real-time Prayer App, users are notified when abortion-determined individuals are in need of prayer at each stage of their life-decision process.

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Bishop Matthews

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Cherri's Story

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Baylee's Story

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Robin's Story

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Deliver Us from Abortion

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Asharah's Story

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Read About Our Partnership with Human Coalition

Church of God in Christ and Human Coalition have a new plan to “make abortion unthinkable"

Our Team

Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr.

Missions President, Church Of God In Christ

Director Lesley Monet

International Director of the Family Life Campaign, Church Of God In Christ

Sean Martin

Senior Director of Church Outreach, Human Coalition

Dean Nelson

National Church Outreach Director, Human Coalition

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In all these ways, we are proving to mothers that their babies’ lives matter… that they were created in the image of God, and as deserving of life as we are. And we are succeeding.

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